One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure; eBay Flash Sale!

This week I’ve gone into organising overdrive! I’m not usually one for hoarding objects or gathering useless clutter but when it comes to my wardrobe its a whole different story!

I regularly sold clothes on eBay throughout my Uni days, but since leaving I honestly haven’t found the time to take countless photos, size up options and scour through my endless wardrobe.

I thought it might be worth a shot to advertise on my blog, I swear by the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – I used adhere my fashion purchases with the opinion that I’m won’t allow myself to buy a dress until I’ve sold a dress. This has defintley not being stuck too at the moment!

I’ve only put up a handful of tops and dresses this time round as I am still sifting through reams of unworn dresses! I may make this a regular blog feature every time I advertise something online.

I have items listed from New Look, TopShop, Vintage Levi and many more.

(A few showcased items available on my eBay page)

If you wish to have a nosy or even better make a purchase, you can find my eBay page by clicking here.

B x