Love is in the Air! My top 10 YouTube Valentines Day Tutorials …

Hi guys!

Happy Valentine’s day!

My lack of posting on this blog has been awful recently! In the past month I’ve drifted between two different jobs, decided to pack my whole life up and move across the country to Manchester. Quite eventful to say the least!

I’ve been working on a few posts and here there, and a few YouTube videos, the videos however aren’t really up to the quality I would like so I may have to refilm a few!

Keeping with the Valentine’s tradition I’ve compiled my favourite Valentine’s looks (Hair, make-up and nails) from some of my favourite fellow beauty bloggers.

Have a look below to be inspired; I’m off to spend all day pampering myself for this evening!

1. “Lana Del Rey Makeup Tutorial” by Maya Mia

Maya Mia is just beautiful, and her tutorials are wonderfully eloquent and simple for even a complete beauty novice! This Lana Del Rey tutorial is a wonderful step-up from a standard cat eye look and creates a gorgeous simple Valentines look.

2. “Autumn/Fall Makeup Tutorial 2013” by Cinnamonjules

Cinnamonjules is a gorgeous beauty blogger from the UK (represent!). Her tutorials are straight to the point, and she chooses great music for her videos! This look uses simple copper eye shadow with a dramatic dark red lip to add a touch of colour to your Valentines makeup.

3. “How to get BIG SEXY HAIR!” – Teni – Missmaven.com

Teni Panosian (Miss Maven) is a YouTube beauty legend! Even my friends who aren’t really fussed with makeup love her tutorials and have heard of her work. This hair tutorial I have been obsessed with for years, I swear by it and I can’t go on a night out without watching it first! For big, beautiful hair this is hands down the best tutorial on YouTube.

4. “Elegant Braided Up-Do” by Luxyhair

Luxyhair are another YouTube channel staple. I love their hair tutorials and always find their guides on taking care of hair extensions extremely helpful! For those of you heading for a classier Valentines evening, this simple, elegant updo is gorgeous for a sophisticated evening of drinks and dinner!

5. “Gold and White Valentine’s Day Nails” by Ohnailart

I love the use of colour on this cute nail art design. Valentines day often brings out the most garish of reds, but the use of a soft, subtle gold makes this nail art more refined and elegant; I think I will be following this tutorial myself for this evening!


Binny Khan is my go to YouTube beauty guru! Her eye make-up tutorials are gorgeous and as we have similar skin tones and features its great for me to learn new techniques to highlight different areas! I adore contouring and this tutorial is without a doubt one of the best on YouTube (and I’ve seen all of them!). For those of you who love contouring as much as I do its also worth checking out make up artist Samer Khouzami on Instagram; his photos are fascinating and his contouring skills are perfection!

7. “Hagai Avdar Make Up Artist – חגי אבדר אמן איפור” by חגי אבדר

I’ve only recently discovered this YouTube channel, but the eye makeup looks are beautiful! This video creates two different eye looks; both a dramatic smokey eye. I will definitely be using this makeup tutorial for this evening! Nothing better than a gorgeous smokey eye!

8. “THE PERFECT RED LIP” by MakeupByLeinaBaaaby

It wouldn’t be Valentines Day without a gorgeous red lip to flaunt around! This red lipstick tutorial is gorgeous! I’m more a nude girl myself but if I wasn’t so clumsy and ran the risk of getting red lipstick all over everyone, I would 100% wear this out!

9. “How to get Perfect Nude Lips” by Hollie Wakeham

Hollie Wakeham is hilarious; her videos really make me laugh AND learn great makeup techniques! For those of us who prefer a nude lip this is a perfect tutorial to get natural looking, voluptuous lips; and we know that everyone wants perfect kissable lips on Valentines Day!

10. “DRY & CRUSTY TO KISSABLE LIPS!” by Patricia Bright

And finally, a quick video on how to curb those winter lips and turn them into perfect kissable lips for Valentines!

Hope you all have a lovely Valentines day! My date night tonight involves drinking and a lot of dancing!

B x


Removing Micro-loop Hair Extensions …

Happy new year! It’s that time of year again where everybody creates crazy resolution they will not stick too! I have two new years resolutions for 2014,

  • To read two books/journal articles a month
  • Not dye my hair for at LEAST 6 months!!

The first resolution I feel is realistic, the second well as you’ll see in my next post I’ve already broken this and dyed my hair back to my natural black! Haha – I promise it will stay black for at least the next year! (Although I would love to go red soon …)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I was working for most of it, and I’ve recently started a second job to seriously start saving for Brazil!

I don’t know when I’m going to sleep let alone update this blog! I have filmed a few videos over Christmas which I will upload over the coming weeks.

Funny hair quotes #ikonic #hair #style #ikonicstyle #ikonicprecisionstylingtoolsIf I live by this mantra everything will be fine!

Now onto the blog post!! I’ve scoured YouTube and found it quite hard to find a simple video showing how to remove micro-loop extensions. They’re plenty describing how to install, but very few show the opposite. I thought before I install my new weave (yes, I am getting a weave again after bemoaning it last time!!) it would be worth filming a quick tutorial!

Feel free to watch and comment below. I would love it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel – I don’t have many videos on there at the moment but I aim to get at least two a month up! I might as well do something with my Television degree! Haha …

What are your New Years Resolutions for 2014?

Happy New Year! (Is it too late to still be saying that now?!)


Beauty for Breakfast?!?

As my previous post states, over the past week I have been set a challenge by Emma at The Breakfast Affair! All week I have experimented with differet breakfast ingredients  to create a plethora of organic, natural beauty remedies. From the expected to the bizzare (Anti-aging champagne meat facial anyone?!) have a look below to try out a few receipes yourself!


1. Hydrating Honey and Oil Hair Mask: Typical organic beauty ingredients. I cannot rave about honey enough! Not only can you use it on your hair, but you can incoporate it into face masks, homemade wax, and even health aids! This mask leaves your hair feel lovely and silky – believe me my hair is so damaged from bleach, this mask was a lifesaver! However be careful with the amount of oil you use, as you could end up with far too much and greasy looking tresses!

2. Mayonnais Conditioner: This is a bit of a cheat but I have previously blogged about the wonders of using mayonnaise as a hair mask. Particularly for you bottle blondes out there, the protein factor does wonders for your hair. You can find the receipe and blog post here.

3. Natural Blackhead Remover: When I was researching egg receipes, I was pretty disgusted by this at first, but I threw myself, literally, head first into trying it! When mixing and apply the mask it was just as I expected; slimy, slimy, slimy!! Once you get over the intial ‘gross-ness’ of the recipe, it sits on your face like an average face mask. I suffer from large pores, and I have very noticeable blackheads on my nose. Although this recipe did not completley remove them, it did a great job for my first time. I think after trying a few more times my blackheads may have disappeared!

4. Dandruff Hair Mask: Personally, I don’t tend to suffer from dandruff but I thought I’d still give this a go. Lemon juice can be used as a natural highlighter for blonde hair so I felt I would achieve something from this receipe at least. I was shocked at how fresh my hair felt afterwards. Over the past week I’ve also had new hair extensions applied, and the I felt the yoghurt helped gently sooth my scalp. Bonus, this mask smells lovely!

5. Cereal Exfoliater: This receipe I am rather proud to say I invented myself! (Although I am sure there must be variations or similar receipes available online!) I was eating weetabix for breakfast, drafting this blog post and I began thinking about the texture of the weetabix. Milk is a well known beauty aid; often used to revitalise the skin. Milk has been used in beauty as far back as the Egyptian period when Cleopatra would bathe in goats milk to ensure soft skin! The combination of the dry weetabix (which could naturally scrub away dead skin) and milk (which would soother the skin after the exfoliation process) I felt would be perfect! Naturally when eating breakfast, my first thought is to put it onto my face; the life of a beauty blogger eh! Haha. Anyway, I tried this exfoliater and loved it. I was suprised how well it worked. The only struggled was trying to get the correct consistency; I have given a rough estimate on the infograph above however you may need to try a bit of experimentation – just rememeber you need to double the ratio of weetabix to milk. Enjoy!

6. Anti-anging Meat Facial Mask: Well, I never thought I would be placing champagne soaked meat on my face in the aid of beatuy!! I did cheat wiht the ingredients a bit as Emma originally asked me to use bacon or sausage. I could not think of any benefits bacon or sausage could bring to a beauty regime! Too much fat, too much salt, too much grease and thats before you have eaten either of them! I took to the internet to research and found recipe made from raw meat. For those of you rolling in dosh, they also have red caviar facials! Leant meat does contain a combiantino of nutrients which can be abosrbed through the skin, reducing wrinkles, strengthening and increasing collagen. So I tried the mask, place the champagne soaked piece onto my face, which to put nicely, was DISGUSTING!! I spent the next half hour lying down try to stop the meat from sliding down my face (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type!!) I removed the meat after 30 minutes and felt no different. I could see no visible signs of change. All I could think was that I’d rather spend my afternoons dirnking champagne then putting it on my face! Try this by all means but I honestly don’t think it will be beneficial at all!

Thank you to Emma at The Breakfast Affair for suggesting a joint post; it was really fun!

Have you ever tried any bizarre facemasks? What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever done in the name of beauty? Comment below and let me know!


The Glamour Beauty Edit Beauty Box Review (including HD brow and Benefit discount code!)

On Tuesday I was casually browsing Instagram when I came across this gorgeous beauty box. Glamour magazine have teamed up with Latest in Beauty (http://www.latestinbeauty.com) to bring the ultimate party ready beauty box! At only £15 this box is well worth its value, totalling in over £65 if all products were bought individually.

glam box

Filled with excitement, I ordered the box during my lunch break on Tuesday. In total the box cost me around £18 includng P&P (still a huge saving!). Shipping stated it would take up to 5-7 days which was a bit dissapointing, however Latest in Beauty exceeded my expectations as the beauty box arrived after only 2 days!

IMG_0362 copy

The box was presented beautifully. About A4 in size, it was smaller than I expected but full with wonderful, luxury products!

Included in the box:

1. Eyeko Lash Curler (RRP £12.00)

IMG_0382 copy

I rarely use eyelash curlers, my go to is either a great mascara or false eyelashes, so this was my first time using a high-end eyelash curler. The velvet handles add a luxurious feel, and the curler is a great size. The protective rubber coating helps curl the lashes with minmal discomfort; when curling my lashes I could barely feel the curlers. Without any mascara or lash products on eyes, the curlers definitley helped lengthen my lashes by at least 1-2 inches.

Rating: 8/10

2. Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ Mascara 3.0g (RRP: £19.50 (for 8.5g size))

IMG_0378 copyI’ve been using this mascara for about a year now. I adore it! Honestly, I cannot reccomend a great mascara than any by Benefit. This review will be a bit bias because this product was one the draws for purchasing the beauty box! The great feature of this mascara is that it not only lengthens your lashes, but thickens them as well. With two coats they can easily replace the hassle of sticking on false lashes all the time!

Rating: 10/10

3. HD Brows Eye and Brow palette (RRP: £19.95)

IMG_0385 copyI’ve lusted after the HD eye and brow palette for a long, long time! As soon as I realised this was included in the beauty box, it became a must have! This palette was well worth the wait. Whilst saving up for this palette I’ve been using a great dupe by W7, however you can immeadiatley see the difference in both brands. The pigmentation within the HD palette is fantastic; the colour really stands out on your skin, and manages to stay in place all day. The palette comes with a great angle brush to precisley fill in your HD brows. If you need any advice on achieving HD brows read my previous blog post here (shameless plug! ;))

Rating: 10/10

4. Balance Me Radiance Face Oil 10ml (RRP: £15.00)

IMG_0372 copyI was rather intrigued by this product. I am a huge advocate for hair oil, however I’d never thought about using oil on my face! I suffer from combination oily skin, so the thought of putting even more oil onto my skin, in my mind, spells beauty disaster! The great defining feature of this product is that it contains tea tree oil which is a fantastic natural anti-bacterial spot/acne remedy. I haven’t used this product enough yet to truly notice a difference in my skin, although once applied it is a very thin layer of oil, I feel this product which be far better suited to a consumer with dry skin. If you suffer from dry or oily skin like myself I’d suggest avoiding this product.

Rating: 5/10

5. Philip Kingsley ‘One More Day’ Dry Shampoo 50ml (£6.00)

IMG_0368 copyAh dry shampoo. One of the biggest beauty challenges I’ve faced in the past! Dry shampoo can be very hit and miss; by the correct brand and you’ll have gorgeous long lasting, fresh hair. Buy the wrong brand and your hair will be hit with a dry avalanche shampoo powder, creating the very attractive look of a head full of dandruff! (Cough, cough looking at you TRESemmé!). I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I was very dissapointed with this product. With much trepidation I sprayed the dry shampoo onto my roots and aged about 50 years! My roots turned a white/grey-ish colour which when massaged into hair spread the colour further and further. I tried the product on my younger brother who has jet black hair thinking the grey effect could be due to my blonde-ish hair colour, however it also turned his hair white! Honestly this Philip Kingsley product falls into the latter category of AVOID dry shampoos; take a shower instead! Don’t waste your money.

Rating 2/10

6. Maybelline Baby Lips in ‘Hydrate’ (RRP: £2.99)

IMG_0376 copyI’ve heard great reveiws of this lipbalm from my friends who swear by it. Personally, I am obsessed the EOS brand of lipbalm! I love the packaging for this Maybelline product; simple and chic. There are a plethora of flavours available, the one provided in my beauty box is entitled ‘hydrate’ and has a wonderful bubblegum smell and taste to it. Once applied to the lips, the lipbalm gives a silky smooth feeling. My lips feel instantly hydrated and so soft! I think I may be converted to Maybelline; I’m definitley going to stock up on different flavours!

Rating 8/10

7. Toni & Guy Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray 75ml/50g (RRP: £6.39 for 250ml)

IMG_0370 copyI used to be a huge advocate for hairspray, but since dyeing my hair lighter, I find the less product I can use the less damage to my hair, and often hairspray can weigh down and knot your hair. I sprayed this product into my hair and was quite suprised at how light it felt. The residue was not sticky, nor did it knot my hair. It smells lovely; no harsh chemical smells like other hairspray products that are available. Although I have not used this product properly yet (other than to test for this post) I am excited to see how holds on a night out in a few weeks. So far I’m very impressed!

Rating 8/10

The box also comes with two beauty discount codes, which I will share with you lovely readers!

1. BENEFIT, 10% off Benefits products with the code glambeautyedit

2. HD BROWS, 20% off HD brow products with the code glamourhd

Overall I’d say this beauty box is a wonderful investment. For the price of £15 you receive a wonderful selection high-end products that can last months! I will 100% reccomend this beauty box to my friends; it would make for a great gift this christmas! Have a look here.

I would love to hear your opnions on this beauty box, or if anyone can reccomend anymore beauty boxes feel free to add them in the comments section below!


Dyeing dark roots lighter (blonde) …

Now, you might be suprised to hear that as much as I love messing about with my hair, I absoloutley loathe going to the hairdressers!! I feel uncomfortable trying to generate awkward small talk,I feel as if they can never get my hair to the colour I wish, and half the time I go in for a trim and come out with a bob … (!!)

BMCl-rzCEAEeq5u(apologies for the swearing! this photo sends my anxiety off the scale!)

The biggest reason I loathe the hairdressers however is the price. On average it can cost me anywhere between £65 – £130 just for a full head of highlights. I think this is crazy when I could easily do it myself!! I’ve never felt brave enough to ever dye my hair lighter at home, however as I have recently started a new job, I’m a bit low on cash and couldn’t afford the £65 to have my hair dyed profesionally.


I researched extensivley (as I do best) which hair dye to use, I came across this box whilst browsing in Boots. The ‘Dark and Lovely’ brand I thought would be perfect as I struggle with combination hair and L’oreal blonde does not work on my hair.

IMG_0278 IMG_0277

I have read many conflicting review of ‘Dark and Lovely’ online however I adore it! It turned my hair a gorgeous ‘bronde’ colour, and it was a fantastic, affordable price. It left my hair feeling gorgeous and soft, not brittle or dry like I read online. I think as long as you maintain great hair care before and after dyeing hair, it will produce a fantastic colour.

As I wear micro loop extensions I found it simpler to use a tinting brush and dye the root around the extensions; this helped caused minimal dryness when dyeing the extensions. If you have 100% natural hair the tinting brush is optinoal although it does help with precision!

I used the following tools within this video:

– One box of Dark and Lovely hair dye in colour GOLDEN BRONZE, number 379 (Boots, £3.65)
– 1 tinting hair dye brush (Boots £1.69)
– 1 small mixing bowl
– 1 pair of plastic gloves (came with the dye)
– 1 plastic carrier bag

– Phone timer
– Hair clips/grips

In total, to touch up my roots it cost me just over £5! I will defintley use this method again!

(And PS if you dont believe me with the plastic bag thing, even the gorgeous Eva Mendes uses this trick! http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2011/07/eva-mendes-on-wearing-a-plasti.html)

Do you have any stories of fantastic or freightful home dye jobs? Add them below in the comments section!


Reviewing Hair Extensions

There are so many different types of hair extensions, it can be quite difficult deciding on which ones to get (believe me I have spent half my life researching different methods and types of hair extensions!!). Below I have listed hair extensions I’ve tried and tested (although bear in mind I am by no means a hair extension expert!

1. Weave (Woven) Hair extensions A weave uses either weft hair extensions or full/half head hair pieces sewn onto tracks created on your scalp. Tracks are very, very tight braids sewn as close to your scalp as possible. This method is often favored by those who have Afro-Caribbean hair, or very thick, coarse hair – adding hair wefts can create a natural, more manageable, sleek look. I decided to get a weave after growing tired of clip-in hair extensions; I wanted a more permanent solution. REVIEW: I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I ABSOLUTELY HATED, HATED (once more for luck) HATED having a weave in!!! I am extremely grateful that I had mine installed for free (bar the hair) as my good friend’s Mum did it for me. However my hair is not Afro-Caribbean but South American (as this is my heritage) and was not coarse enough to hold the sewn in wefts. I could feel the plaits around my had slipping whenever I brushed my hair. Secondly the hair extensions I used were awful quality. NEVER EVER EVER use Asian/Chinese hair. As it is not as naturally thick as Indian/Remy/Brazillian hair it has been stripped, chemically bleached and god knows what else done to it to appear to be good quality. It also sheds very quickly and doesn’t blend too nicely. The weave itself was itchy, painful and just felt greasy. no matter how much I washed it, or sprayed the roots and plaits with leave in conditioner I couldn’t get away from the awful greasy feeling underneath my hair. Removing them was a nightmare, and it took about 3 weeks for my hair to regain its natural pre-weave state. I used so many hair masks to get rid of the build up. However, I have heard so many great things about woven hair extensions from many people, so maybe I was just unlucky?!

I would rate this 3/10
Average Price: About £150 (£80 for good quality hair, £70 for installation/tracks)

2 1

(This photo on the left was when I first had the weave installed March 2013, and the photo on the right was one week later)

2. Clip-in’s

I’ve been an avid user of clip in extensions for about 2 years now. The first set I ever bought were from eBay and were great quality considering the price! The clips however weren’t very strong and kept slipping off my head and falling out which  wasn’t great on a night out! I’ve tried both synthetic and human hair and would whole-heartdley advise to get human hair as they last longer and you can style and wash them as if they were your own. My second of set of clip in extensions when I was brunette were from Clip-hair.com I honestly cannot recommend them enough. For a full pack head of 20″ extensions it was only £79.99 and they were double wefted! Perfect for the extra thickness! These extensions were still in great condition when I had to get rid of them (due to dying my hair). I styled and washed them as I would my own hair and they put up with it fantastically. Clip hair also run a ‘Fan of the Week’ competition, which I won, and they give you a free set of highlight hair extensions worth £50! I requested them be the same colour as my own hair and I received extra hair extensions for free! 🙂 (UPDATE: They no longer offer the hair as a prize but rather a £50 gift voucher to spend on anything in store; which is even better tbh!) The ClipHair extensions I bought can be found here: http://www.cliphair.co.uk/20-Inch-Double-Wefted-Set-Clip-In-Hair-Extensions-Darkest-Brown-2.html

Average Price: £50-£110 depending on quality/sales/length
Rating: 8/10

(The first photo, July 2013 I’m wearing my Clip-in Hair Dark Brown extensions and the second photo, January 2012 I’m wearing Jet Black Synthetic Hair Extensions from eBay)

3 431274_3395280205763_858321365_n

3. Micro-Loop/Micro-ring

I’ve had my micro-loop extensions installed for almost 4 weeks now. Without a doubt I can say the greatest extensions I’ve ever had!! They are completely painless, manageable and look so natural; half of my friends didn’t even realise I had extensions in! The only downside with micro-loop extensions is the cost … however I truly lucked out with mine. As I am deep into my student overdraft with a part-time job I couldn’t spend £500 on hair! Instead I scoured the Yellow Pages, the internet and local hairdressers to find the best price. I came across a mobile hairdresser on Gumtree.com who installed the extensions for only £130 and lived 10 minutes away from me. Bargain! I turned up at her door for a colour match and to place a deposit (this secures the hair for my installation) and the next day turned up to have them installed. I thought this would be a long laborious process, however it only took an 1 1/2 to be installed. The difference was amazing; volume and length! The hair was Grade AAA (although I’ve read on the internet grade’s aren’t really relevant with hair more whether the extensions are human/remy etc) Human Remy Indian hair. I was very adamant when researching to ask all mobile hairdressers the type of hair being used. I’ve been able to wash and dry my hair as normal and I hope my natural hair grows underneath. This is the best method on the market as there is no glue, no heat and braiding involved which means your natural hair can grow alongside the extensions. The hair can last up to 6 – 12 months (with 6-12 weeks maintenance throughout this time period) if taken good care of. Excellent value for money!! My extensions were 22″ long and were a mixture both a golden brown and blonde colours.
Average Price: Anywhere between £130-1,000+!
Rating: 10/10Below is a picture of my hair before (so short; horrific!!) and a picture before and after extensions.


4. Hair Pieces (Clip-in)
Even with hair extensions I still love to use hair pieces for an extra boost! I was debating a full fringe (or bangs) but didn’t have the 100% confidence to go through with it permanently! Inspired by Kim Kardashian (major style icon!) I bought myself a fake human hair clip-in fringe. It’s so much fund to change up your look so drastically and so quickly! Here is a picture of myself wearing my clip-in fringe:

IMG_3158 (Excuse the awful make-up, and the awful styling – this was the morning after my friends 21st and I was very hungover!)

Whilst I was brunette, I was saving up to buy a clip-in hair piece from Sleep-in rollers. On of my favourite YouTube vloggers, the gorgeous Hollie Wakeham has a tutorial video on the clip-in piece I was going to buy, I would highly recommend it from reading reviews online!

Average price: £30-£50
Rating 8/10


Personally I’ve had no experience with glue extensions. I was very close to having them installed however I have heard so many horror stories!! Hairdressers have told me that the only horror stories they hear are when people try to remove them themselves, but obviously they are trying to get you to part with your money so will avoid the horror stories! I think there are so many better and safer options around its not worth getting glue extensions installed!

Average Price: £80-100
Rating: N/A


After 12 long months, finally hair I can be happy with!

Since last summer I worked out that I’ve dyed my hair 6 times; that’s 6 times in 12 months 😮 … eeeewouch! No wonder its so damaged! But regardless, I have finally managed to get the colour I wanted all along. In the space of a year I’ve gone from jet black to golden brown.

Last year I had my hair completely stripped, it was extremely harsh, and the hairdresser used the cap method on me which I DO NOT recommend as it caused more damage than good!!

By the time my birthday came around it had settled and didn’t look too bad, but I hated the roots!

In March I ended up getting it completely re-dyed blonde again (cost an arm and a leg!) and had my first ever weave put in. (I’ll post another blog on that in a bit!). This was horrible; itchy, uncomfortable, painful – I hated it.

It was removed after one month and I went back to clip in extensions and a choclate-y brown colour.

Now we were in the summer and once again I was bored with my colour and really missed the lighter blonde shade! I researched extensively and decided on a golden brown colour (to be honest the one I’d wanted all along). The hairdresser was excellent, I took in this picture of Alessandra Ambrossi (so beautiful; love her!) for colour inspiration. I highly recommend taking in a picture as its the best way to describe exactly what you want.


After a week of horrible short hair I finally had my extensions (micro loops) put in and I adore them! I had two different colours put in throughout my hair, and as you can see its created a gorgeous golden tonal colour! (Emphasized even more with the lovely instagram filter ;))



I’m finally happy! Haha

(Oh and my hairdresser banned me from dying my hair for at least 6 months! :P)

B x


The best DIY, organic hair mask!!

I am obsessed with experimenting with make-up and beauty products and I try to DIY as many products as possible (saves a ton of money!). 99% of the time I usually end up making a huge mess and looking like this:


(I love this photo; it’s what I looked like the first time I attempted HD Brows!! 😉 haha!)

But today was one of those rare days were a little experimenting actually turned out to be an instant hair miracle!! If you’re one of those unlucky people like me, you’ll suffer from combination hair (booo!). This is where its lovely, thick and healthy on top, and dry and brittle on the ends. No matter how many times you trim the ends or get a hair cut, your ends will not become shiny and soft!! I researched organic hair masks (I specifically chose organic because I already put enough product on my hair with heat protectant, pumping spray, hairspray etc, etc, and feel that the natural products will enrich my hair making it stronger and healthier) and came across so many ideas!

Naturally I wanted to try them all but I couldn’t possibly wash my hair 10 times in one evening!! I decided to combine all of the great ingredients together to make one ultra, smoothing hair mask. Most of these ingredients you can find in your kitchen cupboard, or very cheap in your local supermarket :):

  • 4 tablespoons of natural yoghurt: The natural milk protein strengthens hair without making it dull or dry; it also helps get rid of dandruff)
  • 4 tablespoons of honey: Honey is often described as ‘food for hair’. It nourishes and enriches the hair and creates a hydration effect
  • 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise: Trust me on this! It may sound disgusting, and the smell isn’t too pleasant BUT mayonnaise is an absolute god send! When I bleached my hair blonde, I used mayonnaise every other to strengthen the keratin levels. Keratin is related to protein which is found in eggs (specifically yolks) and brings me too …
  • 1 egg: Same properties as mayonnaise and the whites help improve glow and shine giving a healthy look to your hair
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice: Lemon highlights the hair as well as leaving a pleasant smell after all that mayonnaise!!

– Mix together ingredients very well; I recommend a whisk not a spoon to get rid of the ‘clumpiness’ found when mixing mayonnaise

– You should be left with a slightly runny mixture (not so runny that it slips through your fingers, but runny enough to spread through your hair)

– Section your hair and starting from underneath run the mask from root to ends making sure you apply plenty to the drier areas. Always, always, ALWAYS run from root to ends NEVER scrunch your hair lather your hair all over your head; this can cause split ends, breakage and far more damage to your hair. You must be gentle and take your time 🙂

– Leave on your hair for about 20 – 30 minutes (or in my case if your cooking a lasagna, until the hair mask starts to slowly drip down your forehead and into your eyes so you can no longer see, haha!)

– This is VERY important. Wash your hair in COLD too LUKEWARM water. DO NOT wash your hair in hot water!! Otherwise the heat will react with egg mixture in your hair and you’ll end up with a lovely scrambled egg-y hair mess! No-one wants to be picking out their breakfast in the shower! 😀 Once the mask is fully rinsed away feel free to have as hot a shower as you like (although I wouldn’t recommend too hot as you can dry your hair and skin out). Make sure you use your normal conditioner after the shower to smooth and defrizz the hair.

– While damp/towel-dried spray or moisturise your hair with a leave-in conditioner. I always spray my hair with Aussie Leave in Conditioner (which contains Jojoba oils which lock in moisture and smooth hair), and I swear by L’oreal Hair Mix Supreme Smooth Techni Art. This product is amazing; it has truly changed my life!! (To be dramatic haha)

– Let your hair air dry (after putting on an organic hair mix I would recommend NOT using heat on your hair until the next day in order to truly get the full effect of the mask)

And voila! You should be left with super smooth, gorgeous hair!! (This even worked on clip-in-hair extensions :))

I hope this mask works as well for you as it did for me; comment below to let me know (I’m a poet!) and I’ll leave you with this little beauty tip …

“Chances are if you can eat it, you can put it on your body!”


B x