Dyeing dark roots lighter (blonde) …

Now, you might be suprised to hear that as much as I love messing about with my hair, I absoloutley loathe going to the hairdressers!! I feel uncomfortable trying to generate awkward small talk,I feel as if they can never get my hair to the colour I wish, and half the time I go in for a trim and come out with a bob … (!!)

BMCl-rzCEAEeq5u(apologies for the swearing! this photo sends my anxiety off the scale!)

The biggest reason I loathe the hairdressers however is the price. On average it can cost me anywhere between £65 – £130 just for a full head of highlights. I think this is crazy when I could easily do it myself!! I’ve never felt brave enough to ever dye my hair lighter at home, however as I have recently started a new job, I’m a bit low on cash and couldn’t afford the £65 to have my hair dyed profesionally.


I researched extensivley (as I do best) which hair dye to use, I came across this box whilst browsing in Boots. The ‘Dark and Lovely’ brand I thought would be perfect as I struggle with combination hair and L’oreal blonde does not work on my hair.

IMG_0278 IMG_0277

I have read many conflicting review of ‘Dark and Lovely’ online however I adore it! It turned my hair a gorgeous ‘bronde’ colour, and it was a fantastic, affordable price. It left my hair feeling gorgeous and soft, not brittle or dry like I read online. I think as long as you maintain great hair care before and after dyeing hair, it will produce a fantastic colour.

As I wear micro loop extensions I found it simpler to use a tinting brush and dye the root around the extensions; this helped caused minimal dryness when dyeing the extensions. If you have 100% natural hair the tinting brush is optinoal although it does help with precision!

I used the following tools within this video:

– One box of Dark and Lovely hair dye in colour GOLDEN BRONZE, number 379 (Boots, £3.65)
– 1 tinting hair dye brush (Boots £1.69)
– 1 small mixing bowl
– 1 pair of plastic gloves (came with the dye)
– 1 plastic carrier bag

– Phone timer
– Hair clips/grips

In total, to touch up my roots it cost me just over £5! I will defintley use this method again!

(And PS if you dont believe me with the plastic bag thing, even the gorgeous Eva Mendes uses this trick! http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2011/07/eva-mendes-on-wearing-a-plasti.html)

Do you have any stories of fantastic or freightful home dye jobs? Add them below in the comments section!