Individual False Eyelashes; the Ultimate Disaster!

I can never resist a 50% offer in Superdrug, and last week I stumbled across the Eylure Lash Combination set. I wear flase eyelashes’ quite regularly; they truly make or break a smoky eye!

I typically buy full length false eyelashes but upond hearing rave reviews about the lash combination, I figured I’d try my luck!


Unlike other false eyelashes, the Eylure set come in three different sizes; long, medium and small. The long length are very, VERY long! I would recommend either wearing one or two in the corner of your lashes, or only wearing them if you’re after a dramatic eyelash look.

The packaging is small and simple to pop into your handbag, and includes:

– 1 tube of clear eyelash glue
– 1 tube of eyelash glue remover
– 3 rows of long, medium and small eyelashes

IMG_0717  IMG_0719

I’ve come across many different techniques to apply individual lashes. If you have a friend around the best way to do this is to get your friend to apply the lashes for you! Unfortunately for me I was by myself so struggled for roughly 2 hours trying to apply these lashes!

I began by using a pair of tweezers to pick up an individual lash. I planned to stick two long lashes on the outer corner of my eye, a few medium lashes in the middle, and one or two small lashes on my lower lash line, and my inner eye.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?!


Well, I can tell you it is not simple at all! First of all, picking the eyelash up and making sure it was the correct way round proved a challenge. These eyelashes are so delicate the slightest movement can make you drop them and spend another 20 minutes scrambling around trying to find the lash again!

The eyelash glue itself was not the best. I personally prefer white eyelash glue as opposed to clear glue because you can see where the glue is and really feel when it is tacky enough to stick to your lash line. This clear glue became tacky immediately but was a such a pain. When placed on a surface, to dip the eyelash in, the glue dried immediately (unlike the previous white glue which I had used).


Honestly I spent about 2 hours trying to stick these eyelashes on my eyes. I managed to get about 3 lashes on one eye in this time period before I gave up! To be honest, I found these lashes a waste of money when full eyelashes do the same job perfectly.

I am definitely not a convert going forward with this! And ironically, I decided to give these lashes a second chance while I was quite tipsy before a night out. It took me 20 minutes to do both eyes! Even though I got them on, I still wasn’t best pleased with the results.

If you’d like to see how these lashes are done properly, Lisa Eldridge has a great video below: