Ben Nye Review (Banana and Translucent Powder)

Today I thought I would share with you my opinion about one of the best make-up powders on the market! I’d heard about Ben Nye powder for a while, specifically when contouring (Kim Kardashian is a huge fan), however I have struggled to find it on sale anywhere in the UK!

By chance, I was sent a marketing e-mail from a new company called TILT Professional Make-up. Never one to turn down the opportunity to buy more makeup, I rushed over to see what they had in store. Pleasantly surprised I discovered they did indeed stock Ben Nye! And not only was it a UK based company but unlike other UK Ben Nye Stockists the prices were actually affordable!

I ordered myself the Ben Nye -Banana Luxury Powder and the Ben Nye -Neutral Set Translucent Powder. I chose the Banana powder for a highlight because of my olive skin tone. There are other colours available such as Ebony (For darker skin), and Cameo (For paler skin).


I was so excited to receive these products in the post! Delivery was quite quick, roughly about 3-5 days and when I ordered delivery was free so even better! I did originally order these powders in January, however did not take the photos until last week; hence the battered appearance! I have used and abused these powders in the best possible way!


I love the banana powder. When contouring, I find it compliments my skin perfectly to give a flawless finish. The powder acts as a highlighter, when contouring applied on top of blended concealer; predominantly under your eyes, the bridge of your nose and your forehead.


(Banana Powder Applied)


(Banana Powder blended)

You can see in the bottom picture how the powder compliment the concealer underneath. The product is extremely lightweight, you use barely any to create the flawless look. I’ve had the same powder pot for 6 months now and I’m not even halfway through! Brilliant value. The only downside to this product is the packaging. The pot itself comes with a plastic sprinkle’ top, however I struggled to get any powder through this.

Because of this I removed the ‘sprinkle’ top, but now whenever I use the product it spills everywhere, I have to be extremely careful! This is such a minor flaw in comparison to how great the product is!


The translucent powder is more or less the same. However as fantastic as this is, I found it’s not much different to other translucent powders such as NYC Smooth Skin Loose Powder Transluscent or MAC Sheer/Loose Powder.

I typically apply the powder everywhere once my contouring is complete, to almost set and seal the make up underneath. You do have to be very careful that you don’t apply too much and give yourself the dreaded cake face!

All in all, I would highly recommend both products (more so the highlight powders) to anyone, they’re great value for money and honestly I would be lost without either!


B x