Christmas Lipstick’s …

Grab the mistletoe and pucker up! Its Christmas party season! I’ve put together some of my favourite Christmas shades and lipstick looks for party season. Grouped into brown’s, orange’s and red’s, have a look below and be inspired this Christmas!


1. Max Factor, 18, Orange Shine
2. L’oreal 805 (discontinued, available on eBay)
3. Hanorah Personal Makeup, 50


1. Hanorah Personal Makeup, 55
2. Elizabeth Arden, 25, Perfect Tulip
3. Hanorah Personal Makeup, 57


1. L’oreal, 311, available on eBay
2. MAC Film Noir, Satin, A83
3. L’oreal, 620, available on eBay




After 12 long months, finally hair I can be happy with!

Since last summer I worked out that I’ve dyed my hair 6 times; that’s 6 times in 12 months 😮 … eeeewouch! No wonder its so damaged! But regardless, I have finally managed to get the colour I wanted all along. In the space of a year I’ve gone from jet black to golden brown.

Last year I had my hair completely stripped, it was extremely harsh, and the hairdresser used the cap method on me which I DO NOT recommend as it caused more damage than good!!

By the time my birthday came around it had settled and didn’t look too bad, but I hated the roots!

In March I ended up getting it completely re-dyed blonde again (cost an arm and a leg!) and had my first ever weave put in. (I’ll post another blog on that in a bit!). This was horrible; itchy, uncomfortable, painful – I hated it.

It was removed after one month and I went back to clip in extensions and a choclate-y brown colour.

Now we were in the summer and once again I was bored with my colour and really missed the lighter blonde shade! I researched extensively and decided on a golden brown colour (to be honest the one I’d wanted all along). The hairdresser was excellent, I took in this picture of Alessandra Ambrossi (so beautiful; love her!) for colour inspiration. I highly recommend taking in a picture as its the best way to describe exactly what you want.


After a week of horrible short hair I finally had my extensions (micro loops) put in and I adore them! I had two different colours put in throughout my hair, and as you can see its created a gorgeous golden tonal colour! (Emphasized even more with the lovely instagram filter ;))



I’m finally happy! Haha

(Oh and my hairdresser banned me from dying my hair for at least 6 months! :P)

B x