Reviewing Hair Extensions

There are so many different types of hair extensions, it can be quite difficult deciding on which ones to get (believe me I have spent half my life researching different methods and types of hair extensions!!). Below I have listed hair extensions I’ve tried and tested (although bear in mind I am by no means a hair extension expert!

1. Weave (Woven) Hair extensions A weave uses either weft hair extensions or full/half head hair pieces sewn onto tracks created on your scalp. Tracks are very, very tight braids sewn as close to your scalp as possible. This method is often favored by those who have Afro-Caribbean hair, or very thick, coarse hair – adding hair wefts can create a natural, more manageable, sleek look. I decided to get a weave after growing tired of clip-in hair extensions; I wanted a more permanent solution. REVIEW: I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I ABSOLUTELY HATED, HATED (once more for luck) HATED having a weave in!!! I am extremely grateful that I had mine installed for free (bar the hair) as my good friend’s Mum did it for me. However my hair is not Afro-Caribbean but South American (as this is my heritage) and was not coarse enough to hold the sewn in wefts. I could feel the plaits around my had slipping whenever I brushed my hair. Secondly the hair extensions I used were awful quality. NEVER EVER EVER use Asian/Chinese hair. As it is not as naturally thick as Indian/Remy/Brazillian hair it has been stripped, chemically bleached and god knows what else done to it to appear to be good quality. It also sheds very quickly and doesn’t blend too nicely. The weave itself was itchy, painful and just felt greasy. no matter how much I washed it, or sprayed the roots and plaits with leave in conditioner I couldn’t get away from the awful greasy feeling underneath my hair. Removing them was a nightmare, and it took about 3 weeks for my hair to regain its natural pre-weave state. I used so many hair masks to get rid of the build up. However, I have heard so many great things about woven hair extensions from many people, so maybe I was just unlucky?!

I would rate this 3/10
Average Price: About £150 (£80 for good quality hair, £70 for installation/tracks)

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(This photo on the left was when I first had the weave installed March 2013, and the photo on the right was one week later)

2. Clip-in’s

I’ve been an avid user of clip in extensions for about 2 years now. The first set I ever bought were from eBay and were great quality considering the price! The clips however weren’t very strong and kept slipping off my head and falling out which  wasn’t great on a night out! I’ve tried both synthetic and human hair and would whole-heartdley advise to get human hair as they last longer and you can style and wash them as if they were your own. My second of set of clip in extensions when I was brunette were from Clip-hair.com I honestly cannot recommend them enough. For a full pack head of 20″ extensions it was only £79.99 and they were double wefted! Perfect for the extra thickness! These extensions were still in great condition when I had to get rid of them (due to dying my hair). I styled and washed them as I would my own hair and they put up with it fantastically. Clip hair also run a ‘Fan of the Week’ competition, which I won, and they give you a free set of highlight hair extensions worth £50! I requested them be the same colour as my own hair and I received extra hair extensions for free! 🙂 (UPDATE: They no longer offer the hair as a prize but rather a £50 gift voucher to spend on anything in store; which is even better tbh!) The ClipHair extensions I bought can be found here: http://www.cliphair.co.uk/20-Inch-Double-Wefted-Set-Clip-In-Hair-Extensions-Darkest-Brown-2.html

Average Price: £50-£110 depending on quality/sales/length
Rating: 8/10

(The first photo, July 2013 I’m wearing my Clip-in Hair Dark Brown extensions and the second photo, January 2012 I’m wearing Jet Black Synthetic Hair Extensions from eBay)

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3. Micro-Loop/Micro-ring

I’ve had my micro-loop extensions installed for almost 4 weeks now. Without a doubt I can say the greatest extensions I’ve ever had!! They are completely painless, manageable and look so natural; half of my friends didn’t even realise I had extensions in! The only downside with micro-loop extensions is the cost … however I truly lucked out with mine. As I am deep into my student overdraft with a part-time job I couldn’t spend £500 on hair! Instead I scoured the Yellow Pages, the internet and local hairdressers to find the best price. I came across a mobile hairdresser on Gumtree.com who installed the extensions for only £130 and lived 10 minutes away from me. Bargain! I turned up at her door for a colour match and to place a deposit (this secures the hair for my installation) and the next day turned up to have them installed. I thought this would be a long laborious process, however it only took an 1 1/2 to be installed. The difference was amazing; volume and length! The hair was Grade AAA (although I’ve read on the internet grade’s aren’t really relevant with hair more whether the extensions are human/remy etc) Human Remy Indian hair. I was very adamant when researching to ask all mobile hairdressers the type of hair being used. I’ve been able to wash and dry my hair as normal and I hope my natural hair grows underneath. This is the best method on the market as there is no glue, no heat and braiding involved which means your natural hair can grow alongside the extensions. The hair can last up to 6 – 12 months (with 6-12 weeks maintenance throughout this time period) if taken good care of. Excellent value for money!! My extensions were 22″ long and were a mixture both a golden brown and blonde colours.
Average Price: Anywhere between £130-1,000+!
Rating: 10/10Below is a picture of my hair before (so short; horrific!!) and a picture before and after extensions.


4. Hair Pieces (Clip-in)
Even with hair extensions I still love to use hair pieces for an extra boost! I was debating a full fringe (or bangs) but didn’t have the 100% confidence to go through with it permanently! Inspired by Kim Kardashian (major style icon!) I bought myself a fake human hair clip-in fringe. It’s so much fund to change up your look so drastically and so quickly! Here is a picture of myself wearing my clip-in fringe:

IMG_3158 (Excuse the awful make-up, and the awful styling – this was the morning after my friends 21st and I was very hungover!)

Whilst I was brunette, I was saving up to buy a clip-in hair piece from Sleep-in rollers. On of my favourite YouTube vloggers, the gorgeous Hollie Wakeham has a tutorial video on the clip-in piece I was going to buy, I would highly recommend it from reading reviews online!

Average price: £30-£50
Rating 8/10


Personally I’ve had no experience with glue extensions. I was very close to having them installed however I have heard so many horror stories!! Hairdressers have told me that the only horror stories they hear are when people try to remove them themselves, but obviously they are trying to get you to part with your money so will avoid the horror stories! I think there are so many better and safer options around its not worth getting glue extensions installed!

Average Price: £80-100
Rating: N/A