Sewing my first wig … !

I’ve lusted over a glueless lace wig for months now, but unless I win the lottery the majority of them seem like a pipe dream!! Famous fans include Beyonce, the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj and countless female celebrities! The lace closure wigs gave a flawless finish, and they are the pinnacle of hair extensions.

The wigs on RPG show are the stuff dreams are made of! Check them out on Instagram!

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Anyway after realise I didn’t have a spare million pound floating around I thought, maybe I could try making one myself? Doing what I do best, I ran to Youtube and spent far too many hours than is healthy, pouring myself over DIY wig videos.

I love making something, and if I want something (like this wig) than I am determinted to get it no matter what!

I gathered a list and set on my way:


Items I used are as follows:

1. 3pcs top quality hair from Rosa Hair Products at Aliexpress.com (I bought Brazillian Wave)
2. One black wig cap from eBay
3. 2 boxes of Nice and Easy hair dye in Black (Available everywhere!)
4. C Needle and weave thread from eBay
5. 1 lace part closure from my local hair shop (They are available online)
6. Mannequin head from eBay

Choosing where to buy my hair from was a huge decision. Buying direct from supplier cost a bomb, and with online outlets you have to be so careful you don’t get ripped off! After watching many videos online I decided to give Aliexpress.com a go.

I’ve always been hesitant about buying anything on this website, let alone my hair! However it was a perfect transaction. The hair arrived within 3 days of ordering (including processing and flying from China!) and at just under £100 it was an amazing bargain.


I ordered 3 lengths; 18″, 20″ and 22″ because I like my hair to look naturally layered, rather than all one length. The hair arrived in protective packaging which was great. When I opened the hair it was instantly silky smooth and soft, no tangle, no lice (Something you should always, ALWAYS check for when buying hair extensions online, if your hair does contain lice you will be able to see small white dots all over the hair) and it felt strong and bouncy.

IMG_0655 IMG_0656

The lace part I was not a big fan of at first. I’d accidentally ordered Yaki hair instead of human hair and you could definitely feel the quality difference. Unlike human hair, Yaki is made part human, part synthetic however it gauges a high temperature threshold in order to be styled with heated tongs and straighteners. I also was not a fan of the colour; unlike the hair extensions which were natural black, the lace closure was jet black – clearly because the hair was not real. Also don’t forget to tweeze the hairs from the centre part to make it wider and appear more natural!


Sewing the hair itself was a long, laborious task that I was not prepared for! It took me roughly 4/5 hours to completley sew the hair extension onto the wig cap and this was before I’d even sewn the closure on! I’d say in total I spent about 2 days creating this wig (Bear in mind I was working two full time jobs in January when I filmed this!). However art takes patience haha! I decided not to cut any of the wefts because I had read that if you do not cut them and just sew them on top of each other, around the cap, this reduces the risk of shedding and give a more natural look to the extensions.


Make sure to leave a section on the top of your hair (I measured and marked with a white eyeliner before sewing) to put the lace closure correctly into place.


Once the closure is completed, we finally have the finished look! You may also have noticed that I have stuck sellotape around the mannequin’s head, this is to make the head appear larger and more my natural shape. It helps stretch out the wig cap when sewing.


A voila! A DIY Lace wig cap! Installing was interesting, and quite a challenge however I managed to get there in the end, and here is the finished look! (The picture on the left was taken 1 hour after installation, and on the right 2 weeks after)

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I originally took these photos and filmed this video in January and as of 03rd April I am still wearing the same hair extensions (Albeit a bit worn now!). Within the next few weeks I will film a review video expanding on my experience with Aliexpress.com hair.

Thanks for watching!

B x