My name is Belinda and I’m a Film and TV  graduate who is obsessed with hair and beauty!! I’m based ‘oop-north’,

As far back as I can remember I’ve been OBSESSED with make-up! I love buying and trying new products, comparing different brands and helping my friends and family choose products that best suit their needs.

I started this blog so I could dedicate a space to all the information I’ve gathered over the years about beauty, fashion and hair; I can only rave about Morroccan Oil and contouring to my friends for a little while until they become sick of me and I find them yelling “START A BLOG!!”

My two beauty passions are eye makeup, and hair extensions. I’m often nicknamed by my friends as the hair extension queen haha; I just love good extensions and the ability to have long hair without the awkward in-between growing stage!

I live for YouTube make-up tutorials; you’ll find me before a night out with a hundred tabs open all detailing a slightly different way to create a ‘Kim Kardashian Curl’. Maybe I’ll start recording my own?

For the techies out there, I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and Sony Vegas 12 to edit my videos. I use Adobe Photoshop to edit photographs, and as well as my iPhone, I use a Canon EOS600D to capture all of my videos and photographs.

I look forward learning from all of you and sharing tips and tricks!

B x

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