After 12 long months, finally hair I can be happy with!

Since last summer I worked out that I’ve dyed my hair 6 times; that’s 6 times in 12 months 😮 … eeeewouch! No wonder its so damaged! But regardless, I have finally managed to get the colour I wanted all along. In the space of a year I’ve gone from jet black to golden brown.

Last year I had my hair completely stripped, it was extremely harsh, and the hairdresser used the cap method on me which I DO NOT recommend as it caused more damage than good!!

By the time my birthday came around it had settled and didn’t look too bad, but I hated the roots!

In March I ended up getting it completely re-dyed blonde again (cost an arm and a leg!) and had my first ever weave put in. (I’ll post another blog on that in a bit!). This was horrible; itchy, uncomfortable, painful – I hated it.

It was removed after one month and I went back to clip in extensions and a choclate-y brown colour.

Now we were in the summer and once again I was bored with my colour and really missed the lighter blonde shade! I researched extensively and decided on a golden brown colour (to be honest the one I’d wanted all along). The hairdresser was excellent, I took in this picture of Alessandra Ambrossi (so beautiful; love her!) for colour inspiration. I highly recommend taking in a picture as its the best way to describe exactly what you want.


After a week of horrible short hair I finally had my extensions (micro loops) put in and I adore them! I had two different colours put in throughout my hair, and as you can see its created a gorgeous golden tonal colour! (Emphasized even more with the lovely instagram filter ;))



I’m finally happy! Haha

(Oh and my hairdresser banned me from dying my hair for at least 6 months! :P)

B x

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