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I am super excited about this post! This will probably sound a bit silly but I’ve had a lifelong battle with eyebrows!! Too thin, too much, waxing half of one, getting trigger happy with razors; you name it, its happened to me!! So when a local salon at Uni hired a HD eyebrow expert me and my friends were so excited to try, and see what the fuss was all about. My friend Emma came back from the salon and you can immediately see the difference in her brows …

e(Burbury’s Boutique,, Kim Rees, Aberystwyth)

Unlike traditional eyebrow methods HD eyebrows combine techniques such as threading, wax, plucking and dye in order to get a full, thick brow. You can even pay for cosmetic brows to be tattooed on; the wonders of modern make-up eh!!

Anyway, I loved the results of my eyebrows, but at £27 a pop there is no way I could afford to get this regularly done every 2-4 weeks (my hair grows very fast).

So I present to you, ‘B’s HD Ready Eyebrow Tutorial!’ You will need the following tools in order to complete this look:

  • Eyelure eyelash/brow dye (dependent to your eyebrow colour)
  • Vaseline
  • Thread, a threading tool, or you can get your eyebrows threaded before hand
  • Brown or Black eyebrow/liner pencil (A lot of people have noticed a vast difference between the brow and liner pencils, but tbh either work fine as we’ll blend the pencil anyway)
  • Eyeshadow pallette
  • White eye pencil
  • Spoolie (a mascara wand to you non-make-up brush aficionados:))
  • Eyebrow brush (9/10 out of time you usually will find one attatched to your eyebrow pencil)
  • Rat-tail comb/ruler/or a straight line/edge to help line up points of reference
  • Nail scissors
  • Concealer
  • Eyebrow setter

Now that we have everything prepared its time to begin! BEFORE I START, if your brows are sufficiently thick enough (not requiring dye) or you do not feel confident enough threading/waxing your own brows, you’re more than welcome to skip steps 1-5.

  1. To begin, grab your vaseline and completely cover the area around the eyebrow. Preferably quite thick as the vaseline will act as a barrier between the dye and your skin (we don’t want any dyed foreheads!)
  2. Open your Eyelure kit and follow the instructions to mix the dye. Using the small spatula mix together the two components until a dark paste has formed. Grab either a make-up brush/cotton bud/spatula and cover your brows in the dye. Leave the dye on for 1 MINUTE.
  3. Remove the dye with a cotton swab or tissue, being careful to remove any excess. If you would like your brows to be a bit darker, repeat steps 1-3 until the desired amount has been reached (although I would recommend only doing this process twice)
  4. After removing the dye and vaseline, we need to trim those unruly brows!! There are two methods in which you can do this. Firstly (preferable for beginners or beauty novices) grab your eyebrow comb/brush and brush all of the hairs upwards towards your forehead. Holding the comb against the hairs (Still facing upwards) trim any hairs that stick out of the comb or are higher that your brow line with the nail scissors. The second method is to grab your spoolie (mascara wand) and brush your hair upward again. Rather than using your comb, use your eye to trim the hair that appears longer than the top of your brow.
  5. Before we remove any hair we need to find the reference points of where our brows will be. Grab your rat-tail comb or straight edge and place it against the side of your nose (we’ll begin with the left). The first point of reference is where the edge goes straight up, this is where your brow should start (A, on the diagram. You can mark this with the white eyebrow pencil). Turn you straight edge diagonal (still based at the corner of your nose), this is where the arch of your eyebrow should be (B on the diagram). Finally, move the straight edge (C, on the diagram, again, still based at the corner of your nose) almost straight across your face; this is where the tail of your eyebrow should end. The diagram below can give you a clearer idea. Once references points have been established, using your white eyeliner pencil pencil a straight line above and below your brow creating, almost like, a stencil on your eyebrow.
  6. WARNING: If you do not feel comfortable enough to thread your own brows; don’t panic! 🙂 Superdrug offer eyebrow threading for £5, or you can definitely book an appointment for under £10 at your local salon. If doing this by hand, again I have two different methods of achieving the ‘threaded look’. The first option is to use a threader tool. I subscribe to the offer website Wowcher! and I managed to buy a Sleek Hair Threader for £9 (down from £30, Wowcher indeed!!) The tool is very simple to use and removes hair while you open and close the threader. If you do not own a threader tool it is still easy to thread at home; watch this Youtube video for tips on how to thread your own eyebrows:  Once your tools are established proceed to remove all unwanted hair; the hair inside of the white stencil we drew earlier is to be kept, everything out of this is to be removed. You can pluck any tiny hair which are not removed from the threading process.
  7. After threading, take your eyebrow pencil (make sure it is sharp) and carefully draw a straight line directly underneath your brown BUT above the white stencil line. Repeat the same step on the top of your brow, and bring the pencil all the way to the end to create a tail.1
  8. With your eyebrow palette (my palette was £2 from Boyes although they do stock them in cheap beauty shops. You can use any brown or black eye shadow, or you can use the official HD palette, although this is rather pricey at £20), choose the black first and carefully fill in the tail end of your eyebrow. Make sure you follow the direction of the hair, stop when you have filled in 3/4 of the brow; almost at the beginning of the brow (we are working backwards; the tail should be the darkest point of your brow).
  9. Using your brown eyeshadow fill in the beginning of the eyebrow by moving your make brush up wards with the direction of the hair, rather than across. This creates the statement HD look. Use your spoolie to brush the powder and pencil and blend them all together. You can blend the eyeshadow powder about a 1/4 inch out from the start of your eyebrow to create a faded effect.
  10. Finally grab your concealer (I swear by Garnier BB Cream or Max Factor Concealer Stick) dab a little onto a make-up brush, and with precision, ‘draw’ a straight concealer line on top of the white pencil line to create a dramatic sharp edge to your brow. Repeat this process on top of your brow, until the concealer has covered the white eye pencil. You can choose to place concealer at the beginning of the brows for a dramatic, sharp effect, or leave it be for a more natural look, personally I prefer the dramatic effect! Add a dab of highlighter to your upper brow bone and you’re finished; DIY HD brows!

I hope you found this tutorial useful; I’m glad I’ve finally learned how to maintain my brows!! And remember:




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