The best DIY, organic hair mask!!

I am obsessed with experimenting with make-up and beauty products and I try to DIY as many products as possible (saves a ton of money!). 99% of the time I usually end up making a huge mess and looking like this:


(I love this photo; it’s what I looked like the first time I attempted HD Brows!! 😉 haha!)

But today was one of those rare days were a little experimenting actually turned out to be an instant hair miracle!! If you’re one of those unlucky people like me, you’ll suffer from combination hair (booo!). This is where its lovely, thick and healthy on top, and dry and brittle on the ends. No matter how many times you trim the ends or get a hair cut, your ends will not become shiny and soft!! I researched organic hair masks (I specifically chose organic because I already put enough product on my hair with heat protectant, pumping spray, hairspray etc, etc, and feel that the natural products will enrich my hair making it stronger and healthier) and came across so many ideas!

Naturally I wanted to try them all but I couldn’t possibly wash my hair 10 times in one evening!! I decided to combine all of the great ingredients together to make one ultra, smoothing hair mask. Most of these ingredients you can find in your kitchen cupboard, or very cheap in your local supermarket :):

  • 4 tablespoons of natural yoghurt: The natural milk protein strengthens hair without making it dull or dry; it also helps get rid of dandruff)
  • 4 tablespoons of honey: Honey is often described as ‘food for hair’. It nourishes and enriches the hair and creates a hydration effect
  • 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise: Trust me on this! It may sound disgusting, and the smell isn’t too pleasant BUT mayonnaise is an absolute god send! When I bleached my hair blonde, I used mayonnaise every other to strengthen the keratin levels. Keratin is related to protein which is found in eggs (specifically yolks) and brings me too …
  • 1 egg: Same properties as mayonnaise and the whites help improve glow and shine giving a healthy look to your hair
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice: Lemon highlights the hair as well as leaving a pleasant smell after all that mayonnaise!!

– Mix together ingredients very well; I recommend a whisk not a spoon to get rid of the ‘clumpiness’ found when mixing mayonnaise

– You should be left with a slightly runny mixture (not so runny that it slips through your fingers, but runny enough to spread through your hair)

– Section your hair and starting from underneath run the mask from root to ends making sure you apply plenty to the drier areas. Always, always, ALWAYS run from root to ends NEVER scrunch your hair lather your hair all over your head; this can cause split ends, breakage and far more damage to your hair. You must be gentle and take your time 🙂

– Leave on your hair for about 20 – 30 minutes (or in my case if your cooking a lasagna, until the hair mask starts to slowly drip down your forehead and into your eyes so you can no longer see, haha!)

– This is VERY important. Wash your hair in COLD too LUKEWARM water. DO NOT wash your hair in hot water!! Otherwise the heat will react with egg mixture in your hair and you’ll end up with a lovely scrambled egg-y hair mess! No-one wants to be picking out their breakfast in the shower! 😀 Once the mask is fully rinsed away feel free to have as hot a shower as you like (although I wouldn’t recommend too hot as you can dry your hair and skin out). Make sure you use your normal conditioner after the shower to smooth and defrizz the hair.

– While damp/towel-dried spray or moisturise your hair with a leave-in conditioner. I always spray my hair with Aussie Leave in Conditioner (which contains Jojoba oils which lock in moisture and smooth hair), and I swear by L’oreal Hair Mix Supreme Smooth Techni Art. This product is amazing; it has truly changed my life!! (To be dramatic haha)

– Let your hair air dry (after putting on an organic hair mix I would recommend NOT using heat on your hair until the next day in order to truly get the full effect of the mask)

And voila! You should be left with super smooth, gorgeous hair!! (This even worked on clip-in-hair extensions :))

I hope this mask works as well for you as it did for me; comment below to let me know (I’m a poet!) and I’ll leave you with this little beauty tip …

“Chances are if you can eat it, you can put it on your body!”


B x

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