Make-up Haul …


I am the worst person when it comes to self-control when make-up shopping! Last night I was researching make-up contouring (something I’ve been obsessing over for months; one day I’ll work out how to do it properly!!) and when looking for a cheap alternative to Benefit and MAC products, came across this gem of a website!! Everything appears to be genuine and they have great discount prices (Boujours mascara for £1, etc). Inspired by this I ran into town to indulge in some new make-up (it had been a while since my last splurge; 5 whole days!). This haul was roughly around £30/35 as a lot it was either cheap or on offer!

The haul contains:

  • 2 bottle of Aussie Dual Hold, Gloss and Shine hairspray (2 for £7; stock up!) – Superdrug – I have always been an adamant user of Tresemme Proffessiona hairspray, however lately I’ve noticed it’s been making my hair coarse, dry and knotted. I adore the Aussie shampoo and conditioning repair range (a MUST for anyone who has bleached hair!) This hairspray holds fantastic, and feels light on hair. I couldn’t really see much of a shine improvement but that may be because I use Morroccan Oil and shine finishing spray)
  • Sleek, contour powder (number 4) – Superdrug – Having darker skin, I have always struggled to find a bronzer that didn’t turn my skin either orange or that nasty, dirty-looking brown colour when you wear too much fake tan! I only really started using bronzers within the past year or so, I used Superdrugs own brand which was great but didn’t stay on very long. This Sleek contour powder however is the best bronzer I’ve ever used. Fantastic packaging and great coverage!
  • MUA highlight powder (number 1) – Superdrug – Unable to splash out MAC’s contour cream highlight, I found this far cheaper (only £1) powder version. Great coverage but my only problem is if you have dry skin (like I do underneath my eyes) the make-up can look caked on. You must be very careful when apply this powdered highlight. I would buy it again but save up and use it alongside the MAC product.
  • Bodycare face wash towel – Bodycare – Simple product, self-explanatory
  • Eye Candy eyelashes – Bodycare – I often get laughed at by my friends as I have naturally long, thick eyelashes but I adore falsies! (And any false beauty product for that matter!) Eyelashes can be quite expensive and I highly recommend buying them in bulk from eBay (though buy your own glue!), but sometimes I do like to treat myself with store bought lashes! Our local Bodycare sells lashes for dirt cheap (Around £2-3 a set) rather than Boots and Superdrug where I have seen Katy Perry eyelashes retail for up to £15!!! These eyelashes are fantastic quality and can last up to 4 to 5 wears if you take extra care of them. I can’t wait to wear them this weekend!
  • NYC translucent finishing powder – Superdrug – Once again, a cheap alternative to MAC. Does the job fantastic, and is a lovely smooth powder that blends into the face. The only downside would be the mess which is inevitable with loose powders!
  • NYC Primer – Superdrug – A fantastic, unfussy primer that does its job well. It helped my make-up stay in place all day at work (though I’m yet to try its success on a night out!) Rather happy I bought this for £4 instead of splashing out £14 for the GOSH primer (this is next on my list!)
  • Nail scissors – Bodycare – Self-explanatory again but I love that these scissors are straight edged and not rounded; far easier to trim my eyebrows with
  • Empty spray bottle – Bodycare – I recently purchased a hairdryer hood (blog coming when it arrives!) and I thought this bottle would be great for wetting my hair in rollers to achieve a full wavy, volume effect!
  • Technic, ‘High Beam’ Highlighter – Bodycare – For the price (£1.20) this product is fantastic because it is basically a rip-off of Benefits Highlighter (£23). I’m not a fan of the packing  its in a nail varnish-esque bottle which you apply to your cheek/brow bones; I prefer to skip the nail varnish brush and use my own make-up brush. The product comes out rather gloopy so you have to work with it a bit. Once on the face however it gives a great shine and definitely highlights your features. The product in theory is fantastic, and no-one can argue with the price, but in the future I’ll save up for the Benefit brand.
  • Eyeliner pencil sharperner – Bodaycare – Self-eexplanatory but on a quick not, how hard is it to find eyeliner sharpeners in stores!? I’ve tried Boot,s Superdrug, even Hobby Craft! I’ve been searching around 2 months before finally finding this gem! Ha
  • Technic Individual false eyelashes – Bodycare – As previously mentioned being a massive fan of false eyelashes I thought I’d try my hand with individual lashes. From first glance they seem very fussy and messy! I’m sure after watching plenty of YouTube tutorials I’ll be able to get the hang on of them! They do give a fantastic extended length effect
  • Technic waterproof mascara – Bodycare – This will sound rather silly but I actually bought this product by accident!! I couldn’t decide between this mascara or the one detailed below, and didn’t realise I’d bought both until I emptied my bag at home; I must’ve been in a make-up shopping coma!! We’ve all been there haha. I’m glad I did buy this mascara though as its perfect to thicken and darken my lash. 
  • Tehcnic sky high mascara – Bodycare – I’ve been using this mascara in conjunction with the previous; this mascara is perfect for lifting and extending my lashes as a first, base coat. I’m not one to buy expensive mascaras because my own eyelashes already look like they are covered in mascara, and I sometimes wear false eyelashes, so this mascara at £1.50 is fantastic. I’ve spent £££’s on Maybeline, Max Factor and Revlon and honestly this mascara beats them all hands down!
  • Technic eyelash extender/eyebrow gel – Bodycare – A lovely cheap as chips brow gel to keep these unruly brows in check!!

All in all I think this was a successful haul! What beauty bargains have you picked up this week?

B x

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