So, in order to develop this blog I will be launching weekly features. The first of which is Mani Monday! Every Monday I will post amazing pictures of nail art I have seen online, and loved OR nail art I have created myself 🙂

Now we have our introduction out of the way, for the first Mani-Monday I have been inspired by this weekend’s San Diego Comic-con! I absolutely adore comic books and I’ve longed to go to Comic Con since I was about 14 years old. Whilst looking at the photographs from the weekend, I came across this photo of Haliee Steinfield sporting an AMAZING comic themed manicure!!


I was instantly inspired to try and recreate this design upon my own nails. Grabbing my collection of 500 fake acrylics (eBay; bargain!), endless nail varnish and countless make-up brushes and tools I sat down, and with the help of Google Images (and 2 episodes of The Sopranos) managed to create a similar set of comic nails!

I usually don’t wear my acrylics as long as this; I prefer them to be a practical length, however I adore these nails and felt I could be more creative with designs if the nails are longer. The only downside is that its rather difficult to type which doesn’t really bode well for my temp job a receptionist! Haha,

Oh, and for all of you How I Met Your Mother fans, check out this vide on that was shown at Comic Con this weekend …

What was you’re favorite part about Comic Con over the weekend? Do any of you guys create your own acrylics? Feel free to comment below!

B x


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