One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure; eBay Flash Sale!

This week I’ve gone into organising overdrive! I’m not usually one for hoarding objects or gathering useless clutter but when it comes to my wardrobe its a whole different story!

I regularly sold clothes on eBay throughout my Uni days, but since leaving I honestly haven’t found the time to take countless photos, size up options and scour through my endless wardrobe.

I thought it might be worth a shot to advertise on my blog, I swear by the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – I used adhere my fashion purchases with the opinion that I’m won’t allow myself to buy a dress until I’ve sold a dress. This has defintley not being stuck too at the moment!

I’ve only put up a handful of tops and dresses this time round as I am still sifting through reams of unworn dresses! I may make this a regular blog feature every time I advertise something online.

I have items listed from New Look, TopShop, Vintage Levi and many more.

(A few showcased items available on my eBay page)

If you wish to have a nosy or even better make a purchase, you can find my eBay page by clicking here.

B x



Ben Nye Review (Banana and Translucent Powder)

Today I thought I would share with you my opinion about one of the best make-up powders on the market! I’d heard about Ben Nye powder for a while, specifically when contouring (Kim Kardashian is a huge fan), however I have struggled to find it on sale anywhere in the UK!

By chance, I was sent a marketing e-mail from a new company called TILT Professional Make-up. Never one to turn down the opportunity to buy more makeup, I rushed over to see what they had in store. Pleasantly surprised I discovered they did indeed stock Ben Nye! And not only was it a UK based company but unlike other UK Ben Nye Stockists the prices were actually affordable!

I ordered myself the Ben Nye -Banana Luxury Powder and the Ben Nye -Neutral Set Translucent Powder. I chose the Banana powder for a highlight because of my olive skin tone. There are other colours available such as Ebony (For darker skin), and Cameo (For paler skin).


I was so excited to receive these products in the post! Delivery was quite quick, roughly about 3-5 days and when I ordered delivery was free so even better! I did originally order these powders in January, however did not take the photos until last week; hence the battered appearance! I have used and abused these powders in the best possible way!


I love the banana powder. When contouring, I find it compliments my skin perfectly to give a flawless finish. The powder acts as a highlighter, when contouring applied on top of blended concealer; predominantly under your eyes, the bridge of your nose and your forehead.


(Banana Powder Applied)


(Banana Powder blended)

You can see in the bottom picture how the powder compliment the concealer underneath. The product is extremely lightweight, you use barely any to create the flawless look. I’ve had the same powder pot for 6 months now and I’m not even halfway through! Brilliant value. The only downside to this product is the packaging. The pot itself comes with a plastic sprinkle’ top, however I struggled to get any powder through this.

Because of this I removed the ‘sprinkle’ top, but now whenever I use the product it spills everywhere, I have to be extremely careful! This is such a minor flaw in comparison to how great the product is!


The translucent powder is more or less the same. However as fantastic as this is, I found it’s not much different to other translucent powders such as NYC Smooth Skin Loose Powder Transluscent or MAC Sheer/Loose Powder.

I typically apply the powder everywhere once my contouring is complete, to almost set and seal the make up underneath. You do have to be very careful that you don’t apply too much and give yourself the dreaded cake face!

All in all, I would highly recommend both products (more so the highlight powders) to anyone, they’re great value for money and honestly I would be lost without either!


B x


Individual False Eyelashes; the Ultimate Disaster!

I can never resist a 50% offer in Superdrug, and last week I stumbled across the Eylure Lash Combination set. I wear flase eyelashes’ quite regularly; they truly make or break a smoky eye!

I typically buy full length false eyelashes but upond hearing rave reviews about the lash combination, I figured I’d try my luck!


Unlike other false eyelashes, the Eylure set come in three different sizes; long, medium and small. The long length are very, VERY long! I would recommend either wearing one or two in the corner of your lashes, or only wearing them if you’re after a dramatic eyelash look.

The packaging is small and simple to pop into your handbag, and includes:

– 1 tube of clear eyelash glue
– 1 tube of eyelash glue remover
– 3 rows of long, medium and small eyelashes

IMG_0717  IMG_0719

I’ve come across many different techniques to apply individual lashes. If you have a friend around the best way to do this is to get your friend to apply the lashes for you! Unfortunately for me I was by myself so struggled for roughly 2 hours trying to apply these lashes!

I began by using a pair of tweezers to pick up an individual lash. I planned to stick two long lashes on the outer corner of my eye, a few medium lashes in the middle, and one or two small lashes on my lower lash line, and my inner eye.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?!


Well, I can tell you it is not simple at all! First of all, picking the eyelash up and making sure it was the correct way round proved a challenge. These eyelashes are so delicate the slightest movement can make you drop them and spend another 20 minutes scrambling around trying to find the lash again!

The eyelash glue itself was not the best. I personally prefer white eyelash glue as opposed to clear glue because you can see where the glue is and really feel when it is tacky enough to stick to your lash line. This clear glue became tacky immediately but was a such a pain. When placed on a surface, to dip the eyelash in, the glue dried immediately (unlike the previous white glue which I had used).


Honestly I spent about 2 hours trying to stick these eyelashes on my eyes. I managed to get about 3 lashes on one eye in this time period before I gave up! To be honest, I found these lashes a waste of money when full eyelashes do the same job perfectly.

I am definitely not a convert going forward with this! And ironically, I decided to give these lashes a second chance while I was quite tipsy before a night out. It took me 20 minutes to do both eyes! Even though I got them on, I still wasn’t best pleased with the results.

If you’d like to see how these lashes are done properly, Lisa Eldridge has a great video below:


Sewing my first wig … !

I’ve lusted over a glueless lace wig for months now, but unless I win the lottery the majority of them seem like a pipe dream!! Famous fans include Beyonce, the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj and countless female celebrities! The lace closure wigs gave a flawless finish, and they are the pinnacle of hair extensions.

The wigs on RPG show are the stuff dreams are made of! Check them out on Instagram!

1 2

Anyway after realise I didn’t have a spare million pound floating around I thought, maybe I could try making one myself? Doing what I do best, I ran to Youtube and spent far too many hours than is healthy, pouring myself over DIY wig videos.

I love making something, and if I want something (like this wig) than I am determinted to get it no matter what!

I gathered a list and set on my way:


Items I used are as follows:

1. 3pcs top quality hair from Rosa Hair Products at Aliexpress.com (I bought Brazillian Wave)
2. One black wig cap from eBay
3. 2 boxes of Nice and Easy hair dye in Black (Available everywhere!)
4. C Needle and weave thread from eBay
5. 1 lace part closure from my local hair shop (They are available online)
6. Mannequin head from eBay

Choosing where to buy my hair from was a huge decision. Buying direct from supplier cost a bomb, and with online outlets you have to be so careful you don’t get ripped off! After watching many videos online I decided to give Aliexpress.com a go.

I’ve always been hesitant about buying anything on this website, let alone my hair! However it was a perfect transaction. The hair arrived within 3 days of ordering (including processing and flying from China!) and at just under £100 it was an amazing bargain.


I ordered 3 lengths; 18″, 20″ and 22″ because I like my hair to look naturally layered, rather than all one length. The hair arrived in protective packaging which was great. When I opened the hair it was instantly silky smooth and soft, no tangle, no lice (Something you should always, ALWAYS check for when buying hair extensions online, if your hair does contain lice you will be able to see small white dots all over the hair) and it felt strong and bouncy.

IMG_0655 IMG_0656

The lace part I was not a big fan of at first. I’d accidentally ordered Yaki hair instead of human hair and you could definitely feel the quality difference. Unlike human hair, Yaki is made part human, part synthetic however it gauges a high temperature threshold in order to be styled with heated tongs and straighteners. I also was not a fan of the colour; unlike the hair extensions which were natural black, the lace closure was jet black – clearly because the hair was not real. Also don’t forget to tweeze the hairs from the centre part to make it wider and appear more natural!


Sewing the hair itself was a long, laborious task that I was not prepared for! It took me roughly 4/5 hours to completley sew the hair extension onto the wig cap and this was before I’d even sewn the closure on! I’d say in total I spent about 2 days creating this wig (Bear in mind I was working two full time jobs in January when I filmed this!). However art takes patience haha! I decided not to cut any of the wefts because I had read that if you do not cut them and just sew them on top of each other, around the cap, this reduces the risk of shedding and give a more natural look to the extensions.


Make sure to leave a section on the top of your hair (I measured and marked with a white eyeliner before sewing) to put the lace closure correctly into place.


Once the closure is completed, we finally have the finished look! You may also have noticed that I have stuck sellotape around the mannequin’s head, this is to make the head appear larger and more my natural shape. It helps stretch out the wig cap when sewing.


A voila! A DIY Lace wig cap! Installing was interesting, and quite a challenge however I managed to get there in the end, and here is the finished look! (The picture on the left was taken 1 hour after installation, and on the right 2 weeks after)

048ee5e07ace11e3bdb61213a23b8cab_8 2935ae3685f211e3845812e01f1213ae_8

I originally took these photos and filmed this video in January and as of 03rd April I am still wearing the same hair extensions (Albeit a bit worn now!). Within the next few weeks I will film a review video expanding on my experience with Aliexpress.com hair.

Thanks for watching!

B x




Love is in the Air! My top 10 YouTube Valentines Day Tutorials …

Hi guys!

Happy Valentine’s day!

My lack of posting on this blog has been awful recently! In the past month I’ve drifted between two different jobs, decided to pack my whole life up and move across the country to Manchester. Quite eventful to say the least!

I’ve been working on a few posts and here there, and a few YouTube videos, the videos however aren’t really up to the quality I would like so I may have to refilm a few!

Keeping with the Valentine’s tradition I’ve compiled my favourite Valentine’s looks (Hair, make-up and nails) from some of my favourite fellow beauty bloggers.

Have a look below to be inspired; I’m off to spend all day pampering myself for this evening!

1. “Lana Del Rey Makeup Tutorial” by Maya Mia

Maya Mia is just beautiful, and her tutorials are wonderfully eloquent and simple for even a complete beauty novice! This Lana Del Rey tutorial is a wonderful step-up from a standard cat eye look and creates a gorgeous simple Valentines look.

2. “Autumn/Fall Makeup Tutorial 2013” by Cinnamonjules

Cinnamonjules is a gorgeous beauty blogger from the UK (represent!). Her tutorials are straight to the point, and she chooses great music for her videos! This look uses simple copper eye shadow with a dramatic dark red lip to add a touch of colour to your Valentines makeup.

3. “How to get BIG SEXY HAIR!” – Teni – Missmaven.com

Teni Panosian (Miss Maven) is a YouTube beauty legend! Even my friends who aren’t really fussed with makeup love her tutorials and have heard of her work. This hair tutorial I have been obsessed with for years, I swear by it and I can’t go on a night out without watching it first! For big, beautiful hair this is hands down the best tutorial on YouTube.

4. “Elegant Braided Up-Do” by Luxyhair

Luxyhair are another YouTube channel staple. I love their hair tutorials and always find their guides on taking care of hair extensions extremely helpful! For those of you heading for a classier Valentines evening, this simple, elegant updo is gorgeous for a sophisticated evening of drinks and dinner!

5. “Gold and White Valentine’s Day Nails” by Ohnailart

I love the use of colour on this cute nail art design. Valentines day often brings out the most garish of reds, but the use of a soft, subtle gold makes this nail art more refined and elegant; I think I will be following this tutorial myself for this evening!


Binny Khan is my go to YouTube beauty guru! Her eye make-up tutorials are gorgeous and as we have similar skin tones and features its great for me to learn new techniques to highlight different areas! I adore contouring and this tutorial is without a doubt one of the best on YouTube (and I’ve seen all of them!). For those of you who love contouring as much as I do its also worth checking out make up artist Samer Khouzami on Instagram; his photos are fascinating and his contouring skills are perfection!

7. “Hagai Avdar Make Up Artist – חגי אבדר אמן איפור” by חגי אבדר

I’ve only recently discovered this YouTube channel, but the eye makeup looks are beautiful! This video creates two different eye looks; both a dramatic smokey eye. I will definitely be using this makeup tutorial for this evening! Nothing better than a gorgeous smokey eye!

8. “THE PERFECT RED LIP” by MakeupByLeinaBaaaby

It wouldn’t be Valentines Day without a gorgeous red lip to flaunt around! This red lipstick tutorial is gorgeous! I’m more a nude girl myself but if I wasn’t so clumsy and ran the risk of getting red lipstick all over everyone, I would 100% wear this out!

9. “How to get Perfect Nude Lips” by Hollie Wakeham

Hollie Wakeham is hilarious; her videos really make me laugh AND learn great makeup techniques! For those of us who prefer a nude lip this is a perfect tutorial to get natural looking, voluptuous lips; and we know that everyone wants perfect kissable lips on Valentines Day!

10. “DRY & CRUSTY TO KISSABLE LIPS!” by Patricia Bright

And finally, a quick video on how to curb those winter lips and turn them into perfect kissable lips for Valentines!

Hope you all have a lovely Valentines day! My date night tonight involves drinking and a lot of dancing!

B x


Removing Micro-loop Hair Extensions …

Happy new year! It’s that time of year again where everybody creates crazy resolution they will not stick too! I have two new years resolutions for 2014,

  • To read two books/journal articles a month
  • Not dye my hair for at LEAST 6 months!!

The first resolution I feel is realistic, the second well as you’ll see in my next post I’ve already broken this and dyed my hair back to my natural black! Haha – I promise it will stay black for at least the next year! (Although I would love to go red soon …)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I was working for most of it, and I’ve recently started a second job to seriously start saving for Brazil!

I don’t know when I’m going to sleep let alone update this blog! I have filmed a few videos over Christmas which I will upload over the coming weeks.

Funny hair quotes #ikonic #hair #style #ikonicstyle #ikonicprecisionstylingtoolsIf I live by this mantra everything will be fine!

Now onto the blog post!! I’ve scoured YouTube and found it quite hard to find a simple video showing how to remove micro-loop extensions. They’re plenty describing how to install, but very few show the opposite. I thought before I install my new weave (yes, I am getting a weave again after bemoaning it last time!!) it would be worth filming a quick tutorial!

Feel free to watch and comment below. I would love it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel – I don’t have many videos on there at the moment but I aim to get at least two a month up! I might as well do something with my Television degree! Haha …

What are your New Years Resolutions for 2014?

Happy New Year! (Is it too late to still be saying that now?!)


Christmas Lipstick’s …

Grab the mistletoe and pucker up! Its Christmas party season! I’ve put together some of my favourite Christmas shades and lipstick looks for party season. Grouped into brown’s, orange’s and red’s, have a look below and be inspired this Christmas!


1. Max Factor, 18, Orange Shine
2. L’oreal 805 (discontinued, available on eBay)
3. Hanorah Personal Makeup, 50


1. Hanorah Personal Makeup, 55
2. Elizabeth Arden, 25, Perfect Tulip
3. Hanorah Personal Makeup, 57


1. L’oreal, 311, available on eBay
2. MAC Film Noir, Satin, A83
3. L’oreal, 620, available on eBay